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Schools are an integral part of any community. They are places where we educate our children.

But they’re more than that. They act as community meeting places, polling stations and shelters and command centres in times of emergency. The play a central role in civic life that makes them highly visible and gives them great symbolic value.

In playing these roles, schools must convey transparency and openness. It is this very design which makes them difficult to secure and vulnerable to physical attack. And ever since the fatal school shooting at Columbine High School in, enhancing security at America’s schools has become a priority.

A comprehensive security strategy will have many dimensions and an experienced and trained security professional can help you determine the most appropriate strategy for your facility. However, in any building, glass is the weak-link. Doors and windows are among the most vulnerable parts of a building and the most difficult to secure1.

ACE can help.

Found in over forty countries around the world, used in theatres of war and installed on secure facilities internationally, ACE security laminates are a proven and cost-effective means of reinforcing the windows and doors you already have in place.

For a limited time, ACE will be providing 250 do-it-yourself installation kits designed specifically for schools to selected schools across America.

Each kit will contain the company’s 200 Series security laminate and installation tools. With our online installation video, and technical support by phone, email and skype, we can help your maintenance staff install our product and enhance the security of your front entranceways and vulnerable areas .

If you are a school administrator or official, email us today ad describe your school’s need. Schools will be chosen on a needs-basis with those schools facing budget pressures and identified security threats given priority.

Product details can be found at the company’s web site at

1 (Source: DHS: Primer to Design Safe Schools Projects in Case of Terrorist Attacks and School Shootings – FEMA-428 / BIPS-07 / January 2012, Edition 2)

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Help Us Help You

If your school is at risk, please apply to the ACE Safe School program. Fill out the form below with your contact information and a description of the threat your school faces. ACE will select the schools that we feel we can best help. Priority will be given to schools facing direct threats and budget challenges.

School Safety & Security Checklist

We have created a valuable and comprehensive school building and grounds security checklist. Open in new window.

Glass is often the weakest component of the building envelope, breaking at low pressures compared to other components such as walls or columns.Primer to Design Safe School Projects in Case of Terrorist Attacks and School ShootingsDepartment of Homeland SecurityRead the full report.

While working on this program we came across this Youtube video, that really brought home the sense of loss.

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We Would Like to Do More

Help us protect more children

There are over 100,000 schools across America. If you would like to contribute to our program by making your donation please contact us directly at 613.237.0000. Every dollar you donate will be used to help us expand our program by distributing additional school do-it-yourself kits.

Donations can be made to specific educational institutes of your choice.

Peter Fabian

Words can not express how deeply the needles loss of our young people saddens me. We at ACE invite you to help protect these, please make a donation and help us provide as many of these life saving kits to our schools as possible.

Peter Fabian,
CEO, Advanced Coatings Enterprises

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About ACE

Advanced Coatings Enterprise Inc. is the manufacturer of ACE security laminates, widely recognized as the best window security laminates in the world. Founded in 1991, the company’s products protect secure facilities in over 40 countries around the world.

ACE security laminates have been tested to and meet burglary, ballistic and bomb blast standards established by Underwriter Laboratory (UL-S332, UL-752), the National Institute of Justice (0108.01 Level IIIA), the European Committee for Standardization (EN 1063, BR2 and BR3), and the General Services Administration (BMAG).

Visit the ACE website to learn more.
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$100,000 Challange

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Counterfeit Warning

Counterfeit Warning

Illegal and dangerous, product counterfeiting is a $700 billion industry. There are currently over 200 companies and websites illegally claiming to sell ACE laminates. Ensure you are protected.